Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Hi,this is kartheek,the laziest creature ever born on earth. If i start anything,i have stop it before it is finished,that had been the trend through out my life.

However somethings i tried to do completely were to write a diary,which i would have continued if my mother hadn't read it. well that diary was full of my dreams about the girl i had a crush on or should i say the girl who crushed my heart..dreams were only dreams.

My diary gave rise to a by-product ,which was my skill to write crap about the crappiest thing possible.Though half my writings go back to the theme of adolscent love and romance (as i am still haunted by my dreams),i am trying to write something different. One more species that had fascinated me other than myself is the Fairer Sex. So my stories also have their fascination for the fairer sex. and with this species..i believe "Truth is stranger than Fiction".So most of my stories are inspired from true life.

other than writings,there are some borinng things about me--I am a big movie freak,i saw some good movies,thought of seeing many such good movies,and dreamt of making some good movies,made one at last-Cocktail-(some call it good movie)..so that makes me smile half the time..

My reading habit havent been regular,but i was lucky enough to come across some good books like Fountain Head,Lord of the Rings(I am not the Harry Potter maniac),Alchemist....

Since i was lazy enough to postpone reading hundreds of pages, i found one good thing which had equal effect-Movies.My favorite movies include--Schindlers List,Forrest Gump,Shawshank Redemption,Goodwill Hunting....

Something which was more interesting than the above two is reading people,there are hundreds of interesting people i have come across in my life till now.Of these some were kind enough to let me read them.These were the people who made my boring life interesting.

and one last and interesting thing about me is , i am the Swiss Bank of love stories (True love stories).I feel i have an affinity to listen to others stories ,though i hade none to my name till date(Fairer Sex..Are u listening).

Ok,thats it for now..Feel free to criticise my crap :)