Saturday, April 26, 2008


This is no centi post!!

Ok, i know i woke up way too late. I just got addicted to sitcoms now. Hopefully not more to coime, but for now, i am watching too much of Friends. My laptop battery allows me 4 episodes at a time and i take all of it. I should say, i am enjoying it, Chandler remains my favourite for his one liners, while Ross would get the special jury award for being the All time good guy.Thats as much on friends.

Other than that, my summer internship seems no hot thing to talk about for now, except that i feel deprived of chocolates all of a sudden.

Thats it for now

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Other side of the consumer

You walk into a shop, look at few items and pick up one and walk towards the counter. Freeze!!!

This is the moment, the moment that huge corporates work day and night for, the moment for which all research agencies drill your mind with hundreds of questionnaires, the moment for which sales man drag their feet to every shop in every nook and corner of the city, the moment for which merchandisers fight for display space in the shop.

My first glimpses into the other side of consumer. Will try to write more later.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

I am alive and so is my blog

Before i doze off, before i delete this post also rejecting it on the basis of low quality, i will write something and post it.
I and my Blog are alive. Just that i had been as lazy to write as a person in coma.
Was going thru a fellow interns blog , i could just feel the kind of feeling that one has after writing something.
So , where was I, what was i doing. Term 3 at XL had real been XL size, i didnt expect it to be so, i didnt expect me to be so. Not on basis of education , but on the basis of life style atleast, i am learning few ways to be a manager. Some hazaar events and hazaar conflicts to handle. Some real good tests for my communication and composure. For once , i could suddenly sit up in sleep and think to myself "this place means something to me". Its funny that i didnt sleep before 5 am for 2 weeks straight. And if best things happened so far in XL for me, it happened in Term 3, if shit happened , it happened in term 3.

Anyway, it was fun being the old man . Hope there is no more necessity for that role.

Had been to hyd twice during the term, two very short and quick trips. Sometimes, u will realise how much you can do in a day.

I had been in hyd for 8-9 days after term 3. Biking seemed scary for a while. But i still enjoy it. And somewhere for the first time, or rather not for the first time, but it was just that my thought it was very dominant that "My priorities were getting scrambled".

Fundae : Jugash and me used to have this discussion on how to live and behave as one wishes. I was struggling to behave as i want. For some people the above statement might seem funny because one is supposed to live how one wants. But its not so easy when it comes to execution. I think XL gave me that chance to live all by myself and still be good and answerable to myself. It was really interesting to see the coin flipping the other way. This was like a paradigm shift for me.But its good. If i had to take in terms of market share and percentages, i used to listen and rule myself by 15-20% an year or two ago. Now its as much as 65-70%. I think thats phenomenal.

So much for now.
P.S : Coming soon, Chorlie at the Chocolate factory.