Sunday, August 26, 2007

All said and done.. its done..

I have this habit of worrying too much that things wouldnt be done. But somehow they seem to get done. We are at last done with the talent nite, supposedly conducted by the junior Dracula. I could only put some effort by the end, funny to realise that i have shaked a leg on the stage (cant actually call it dance).

Not much to write while going to sleep at this time of the day. Like the saying goes, every ending gives rise to a beginning, i have 3 submissions to complete tomorrow. So every other thing, hope this also gets done.

Quote : We may not be rational, we may not be collective , but we are collectively rational.

PS1: screwed up QT for the 2nd time. Didnt feel good about it at all.
PS2: For a change BFA went well.
PS3: Just to mention once again, i something thats similar to dance.
PS4: My low profile doesnt seem to help.
PS5: Grades seem to taking over my mind and just then i was bit by dracula.
PS6: Hope i survive the next 2 weeks.If i have to talk business here , next two weeks translate to 50% of the marks.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

So much to write...

Its almost 2 months in XL, and 1 more month to go for the 1st term to end, technically 1/6 th of MBA. I was in a way tongue tied on all the events that happen in this place, and at the same time i indulged in minimum analysis on all the events. However , something that i cant resist is to be amazed by the variety of people here. In a way , even after 2 months, the place still seems new. At the same time it seems to be having a lot in store to offer.

As Organisational behaviour says, "Perception is Reality". Perception drives everything. The way i see things is the way i look at them. Interesting part is how perception had been changing since i came here. Its changing for the better.

And to speak about myself. I am trying new waters, its the last experiment i can do being a student. Some good results i hope out of this experiment are, i make a movie that shall stay for years and i pass out as a good person from this place (need not be the best outgoing student). And of course have some decent grades.

Ok, this seems to be the most boring article i wrote, but thought that i would write something to keep the habit going.
Other updates: Got into Dracula(Dramatics and Cultural activities association),
CR isnt an easy post, but my indifference seems to help me,
I am still in a way doing well with the subject , but not the same with marks,
I discovered that teaching is a very tiring job, but i still love it,
feel like going home.