Tuesday, April 18, 2006

My Friend's friend is not my friend-I

"Can you represent the statement My Friend's friend is not my friend in Functions" he asked. I took the pen out of my pocket and just when i started to put my mind to work on the socio-mathematical puzzle, my mind started to get into a bipolar disorder or to speak in english -a split personality.

Somehow i was still in control, i could do it , i wrote down the answer FoFoF is not equal to FoF where FoF stood for relation or function "friend" and so the whole thing stood for My friend's friend is not my friend.

"Oh! Good!" he said and asked "how would you represent the same in Set Theory?" I was going numb already, "Hah Pardon" I said and he repeated the question. It was the last thought that my intelligent mind could generate before it succumbed to the outburst of the past memories.I drew a figure with three circle.

And i explained that one circle represented me, the next one to me is my friend and -i stopped for a second and recollected the energy to say that the third which is not interesecting with me is my friends friend and is not my friend.

"Good, can you represnt the same in Matrices" he asked.

I dont know if i heard that or not , i only shook my head sideways and luckily that was the last question of the interview which was supposed to get me into a reputed business school, but more than any thing else ,it brought me back to the harsh reality of life that i have been trying to evade.

"Ok.. Thats fine , thank you Mr.Vinod" he said.

I stood up and walked out of the room. The sun was signing off for the day. I still felt lost; I walked to the nearby railway station to catch the local train. I took a ticket to the terminal, though that was not where I wanted to reach, I just wanted to sit and think for myself. Sometimes memory is such a good thing that it has the power to bring past to present, but when you get to know that the present is totally disconnected with the past, the memories start to haunt.

** Three months ago**

.....To Be Continued