Friday, September 28, 2007

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My status message on Gtalk was misunderstood by enough number of people to lead to this post. It might be difficult to get into XLRI, but its much more difficult to get to XLRI. Travelling is one thing that i wished to do , but i do not do things unless i am forced to. So i had to come back to XLRI from Hyderabad thats far far away. Well there was one single thing common between both the places , it was raining at the same intensity at both the places. But Calcutta walks with all the top prizes.

We payed 1200 rs from Calcutta airport to Howrah railway station. We were actually supposed to pay 1000 , but after seeing the streets through which we passed through, i felt it was worth paying him an extra 200. I will not write much , but i will leave the post with these pics . The one where one can see my feet is where the water flowed into the taxi.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Change is Good

Well, this is not that philosophical cliche that i am restating, but its what everyone would be seeing along with the cute dog that was called hutch dog . And O&M is trying its best to rename it as Vodafone dog (that has too many syllables , i guess). Hutch and O&M had provided some of the finest advertisements that has been a treat to watch. Many say that the ads actually didnt translate to sales . I kind of agree with that, i never felt that a network followed me, instead there were many times when i had to follow the network. I guess today, even if vodafone bought Hutch, it still has to stick with the dog(inspite of claiming that Change is Good) , so it seems that the only change that occured is that , the dog sold off Hutch and bought vodafone, in other words, its not Dog's Hutch , its Dog's Vodafone.

Ok, i actually wanted to talk of something else. Infact , i want to see the philosophical side of the phrase 'Change is good' . I referred to this many times even in my previous posts. Vodafone was trying to do a very interesting thing in rebranding hutch , it gave no scope to the speculation on the issue of change. Instead of answering the question 'Is Change Good?' with reason, it came up with a statement 'Change is Good'. (yeah they did give some reasons in the footnote). And so , you wake up one day and see that Hutch Shop is now Vodafone Store , and before you start to worry about whats happening , you see letters in big font reading 'Change is Good'. And you would blindly reason to yourself that everythings OK.

How many times does change occur in our day-to-day life and how many times do we hear this line 'Change is Good'. Excuse me for delving deep into the spirals of flashback . Every thing i guess, which had been remarkable in my life had been an event of change (i know that its a silly statement to make, i mean its the same for everyone) . There are many new things we wake up to everyday, and not every thing is as rosy as the huge hoarding of Hutch with a cute little dog.Any thing more on this would make this piece boring, so rest is left to the imagination of readers.

Other Updates : 1/6th of my MBA is done with and it so seems that i am landing up without fail in B+, i know its too early to make a statement like that. I do not know what people in other B-schools do during exams, but if i can take an actual count, i can prove that i slept for more hours during my MBA term exams than my Engineering exams. But Exams went well, i mean, after a long time i had to keep my brain ticking continuosly for 2 - 3 hours .

And then two weeks at home, i managed to go to a cinema today. T20 world cup couldnt be at a better time, but it seems that i would be missing the final. Its a wierd feeling that i am called a student after two years in IT . My mom is worried about my sleep timings , 2 am to 11 am - the other day she was saying " i thought you would learn some discipline in B-school, but what happened to you". What a misconception!!

But , its actually been a tough task for me to be organised, i am atleast getting used to writing down things that i should be doing (dont ask me, if i am doing them on time) . B-school taught me that . I had to meet my friends only on lunches. Everyone in this world seems to be so busy.And , I still cant figure out what happened to hyderabad within three months, it might be some huge immigration of people and vehicles , traffic here has gone crazy.

So, thats it for now. Yup.. P.S follows

P.S1 : Movies watched - Zodiac , Elephant, greatest game ever played , Fountain and Manorama.
P.S2: I will excuse Darren Aronofsky for Fountain and will continue to be his fan, but any movie like that again, its a requiem for him.
P.S3: If i have a time machine, i would go back in time and congratulate Mr.Parkinson for such a beautiful law, and then i would would just go back a little bit in time and would frame the law by myself. I mean thats so obvious "WORK STRETCHES TO TIME AVAILABLE" atleast for me, there had been no exception.
P.S4:I saw bumper sticker on a car that read , now just hold there and check how you read it - this is how i read it - ear next rain come india .com , ok , i know thats very dumb , its also called creativity in some places ;) . If you read it the same way i did , click on the link to find the answer.
P.S5: there had been interesting events in last 1 month , which i would like to call short stories, even till the moment before i started this writing. I tried to pen some , but cant post every thing.
P.S6: I should thank srinivasan for showing it to me that you can write more than one P.S for a piece. P.Ss are fun.
P.S7: 2 days from now, i will wake up in XLRI to 2nd term , i hope my roomie holds the hoarding 'Change is Good'. I wonder how i will manage to make it to 8 30 classes in winter. :)
P.S8: Yup, forgot to mention, i have got braces and they are a pain :(