Monday, June 25, 2007

the delicate dragon

This post is just a thought that struck me from nowhere. I would have a lot to write about it soon. For now, its just this paradox.

One of the frailest things in this world is the DRAGONfly's wing.

Will try to elaborate on it sooner or later.

The Depth of Dreams

Darkness was chasing light
and then lightning struck
a pool of clouds twirled
and opened up a shower

The sun shrunk in the chaos
when he tried to peep
the earth spit the rainbow
I asked myself 'Is this a Nightmare'

There were mirrors with ripples
and fragrance was all over
rain soaked everyone in life
and then,there she was

Beyond the beauty of blossoms
Beyond the rain dripping from boughs
Beyond the silly and shy sun
She was there

Everything dissolved into a moment of eternity
slowly, like sugar in water
to make her sweet enough
I asked 'Is this paradise'

'yes' I heard,
I wish , she said that
this is where, you dont touch ground
and sky doesnt seal you

I felt like a feather
curling round the air
flying, diving , fluttering
and feeling her all over me

And suddenly darkness chased light
It rose and engulfed her
I shivered with fear
as i turned blind

I screamed " What are these"
"they are dreams" I heard
"they are just eye deep,
leave them in sleep"

P.S: I guess , the poem didnt turn out to be a poem. But the last lines tempted to me to fill something over them. It is majorly arbit.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Distances Dissolving Distances

The winds had their way
As I stood looking down
the rails crawled underneath
as they led the train ahead
and misled me into the past

At the turn of every wheel,
i realised the change
the blows that deformed me
the people that reformed me
all those that took me ahead

In the middle of this journey
i was dragged into dilemma
that, will I lose the past
while making a future,
as i see underneath
distances dissolving distances

Thursday, June 14, 2007

the un-updated part

I guess, i would be writing for myself now. I have driven off or rather shooed off all those lazy internet addicts who check one blog after the other, (i am the topper in this category, as i do the same, but never update my own).

I think, i might have a lot of work in the coming days, which might actually drag me out of the schedule to write something(i found that people blog only when they have no time to do)So i thought i will just fill the un-updated part (i know , that word doesnt exist).

After the frustrated post of "me vs myself", i got through CAT, and XAT too. Atlast i had the returns on my spending on applications, i got calls from around 8 colleges. Unfortunately, i went bankrupt as i took 12 flights in 45 days (no, you cant call me high flier)

I also found out why Brad Pitt blows up all the credit card buildings in Fight Club.They are mankinds greatest enemy.I have 25k debt to clear and i am not earning anymore.

Ok, the turn of tables after cat results had good consequences. Irrespective of the coaching centres key granting me 2/100 in english, i got through, i got 23/100. Calls :I,K,XL,MDI(PGPM and HR),MICA,NITIE,NMIMS,SPJAIN.
Converts : I,XL,MDI(PGPM and HR),NITIE.
Between these two lines, i had some real tough time. Other than 3 flights i took in 24 hours, i would remember the horrifying interview experiences. It was like a boxing match with 10 different opponents. You dont know where they are going to hit you. Some were kind enough to give me the trophy.

Parellel to this were some pleasant things that came my way in the most unexpected way.It took sometime to realise that too many good things were happening around me. Unfortunately or fortunately, i slowly grew indifferent to it, thats how I enjoyed it. I will stop all this gyan.

And then there was this real lazy peiod for 2 months, i can say, i graduated from the devils workshop, especially with that poem. All i used to do is stare at gtalk, check for updates on blogs, sleep, eat, treat someone or the other, meet friends, obvious consequence : wieght gain.

The final part : this was fun, it was back to basics, atlast i sat down to write a script and finished it. I seriously need someone chasing me with a stick. I only regret that i should have been a better director. Best experience however was the casting, i wonder how would it be if i have a larger cast, reading the script to girls will definitely help me for something or the other.

Shooting for the movie was more hectic than the earlier.Especially the over night shoots in the college.And ofcourse there are a lot of people i should thank for all their help. Me and jugash are figuring out some better way to thank everyone.

PS: I guess the PS actually is a PS to all that happened in the un-updated part, I lived the last day of my life as if it was the last day of my life. However i still missed some people i guess. Its a wierd feeling that you have a feeling that you are missing something, but never know what that is.Like i always miss my cell charger while packing. Before signing off, i should say thank you to hyderabad, and when i say hyderabad, its not abt the place, its about the people.

Prologue : By the way,(though it didnt happen by the way), i am at XLRI, i had a head ache for 5 days convincing my parents abt leaving IIM Indore(I should increase the font of IIM).So,its a new life.