Thursday, November 23, 2006

Me vs Myself.

'Me' spit blood and laughed at 'Myself' showing all his teeth but one. He just spit the 'but one' tooth along with theblood. "Ha, Ha" Me laughed loudly and brought his fist back into position, right in front of his face. They started again. Myself threw his arm at Me's face. Me ducked and dug his punch into Myself's abdomen.The punch pushed him back by a few steps. He got up straight and came back at Me with a fierce hard blow on the right cheek bone. 'click' came a sound from within. There is no more a full right cheek bone for Me, there will be two half bones. Blood woozed out of the cut as water leaked out of a pored hose. Myself watered himself in the fountain.

Me didnt stop laughing , the 'but one' tooth's place was compensated by enough blood in his mouth. Infact one couldnt differentiate his jaws from his teeth.Everything was bloody red.This time he didnt miss his shot, he moved backwards as if in retreat and went forward with one wide arm swing and all his power packed in one blow took Myself on his nose.Me crashed his hand fully into the area between Myself's eyes and lips.Myself's nose was no longer nose. It was almost almost falling apart, he was sneezing blood through his cut. Me stood there in the ring, while Myself was struggling to keep his feet straight.Me's face started to swell on the right side, blood was sliding down on his face as sauce slides down through gaps in a burger.

"Come on, its you or me today" said Me " only one thing should exist after this, my way of living by choice or your way of living by chance". Me ran into Myself and gave a hard blow from under his chin. Blood spilled like milk from a dropped glass, two of his teeth accounted for glass pieces.

Myself was still trying to find his ground, he leaned on to the railing and took
some support and finally stood up.
"I am not going to fall today" said Myself clearing his mouth with his tongue "You cannot
fight against what you cannot control". Myself stepped forward, throwing the whole weight of his body on each feet for every step.Me moved forward for the final knock out, Myself stepped aside and put his across Me's path. Me tumbled and fell with his face to the floor.

"I told you, it takes just one mistake to fuck you up for life" said myself and banged Me's head to the
floor. Me had one last vision of the white floor while his head was dragged away from the floor and before it came fiercely down back on to it, after that he only saw the floor red.

They didn't stop after that,infact they wouldnt.They werent fighting their strenths , they were fighting their weaknesses.Their power did not come from courage but from fear, not from strenth from weakness, not from joy but from despair, not from satisfaction but from frustration.They never stopped, Myself was looking through one eye and Me was breathing through cuts and they never stopped.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Its another day

the rain bowed to the sun
the sun rose to the rain
they just said, "its another day
to be happy and gay"