Monday, January 07, 2008


It seems that i cannot stay away from writing. It seems to be my best way to refresh besides roaming with a camera(though i am too lazy to do that as well)

-Unlike the first term ,I had to slog a bit during the exams, though the results seem to be coming out bad.
-2 weeks of vacation added more to my sleep.
-Some sleepy idiot mistook one sandal of mine as his and left one sandal of his.
-Hyderabad is the only place where i can survive by overtaking from left side.
-Managed to reach XL safely breaking the record of adventurous journeys.
-One more term to go to graduate as seniors :)
- I shall mark January 7th as a great day , this is the day Room no 301, TFEMR looked spic and span. This might well be the only day
-Taare Zameen Par :)))))