Wednesday, August 27, 2008

:) (: :( ): :| |: :O O:

I accidentally happened to use this title as a status message  to inform people about the play we were hosting under the name , Shadows Within. It so turned out that , that Gtalk recognises the first one of the pair as a smiley and turns it to blue color, while the others stayed grey and the title Shadows within came after that. That happened to be one of the most creative works , i claim of. Its funny how things move beyond our observation to colour things. 
Its nice to come across such things once in a while. Its nice to be appreciated for my guesstimates in MR class and frax on some subjects simultaneously. Its nice to sleep 12 hrs a day and still manage to do well in an exam. Its nice to carry a smiling frown or a frowning smile. Its nice to be frank, or rather blatant i should say once in a while like you dont care and also make sure that no one would care about you after that.Its nice to stack up last 2.5 weeks of papers and sleep all over them ,expecting to read them all at once , but still manage to read Brand Equity on Wednesday, Hindu Friday Review on Friday and Hindu Magazine on Sunday. Its nice to appreciate some thing out of sheer interest in it rather than forcefully absorb everything out of insecurity. Its nice to listen to classic telugu songs , though it seems totally out of the place where i am.

So much for the ramblings, just another observation. I was sitting in mess and saw this random bhojpuri song playing on the TV, i could sense the rock bottom quality of the song both interms of music and visuals. I couldn't stop cursing it and instinctively attributing it to the taste of Jharkhand , Bihar and neighbouring states(Well, Jharkhand is where i am now) . So, as i was trying to slip into making more theories about Jharkhand and its population, the next song in the playlist came up. To my surprise, it was a telugu song, from the movie happy, by the name 'Ossa re Ossa Ossa re' , now to start with it doesnt actually mean anything.(I should confess that i have listened to this song at full volume, and for sometime , i actually enjoyed it.) Well but definitely not now, the song seemed like a scream by an actor who resembled a monkey with distorted face, (and god knows why) he was wearing goggles and multi-farious clothes, and his antics would resemble nothing but a donkey's mating call. the whole setup seemed Yuck. I could hear two of my friends talking to each other while they were watching it, 'What the fuck is he trying to do' 'How can someone direct such a sequence?' 'Shouldn't the cameraman be dead by now' 'Who on earth watched these things, what language is this'. I didnt know whether to laugh out loud or keep silence in disagreement. And within a minute, the next song came up, guess what was it, 'Adire' from Rajnikanth's Basha and i could already hear a few laughs around.
Well nothing more to discuss , its just the diversity of India and idiosyncracies of its people who continuously refuse to acknowledge them. Its still a wonder how everyone stays under one name of Indian. Something to be proud of.
Like Didier in Shantaram says "If it had been so many frenchman in one place, they would have killed each other by now and made themselves extinct".

-In the middle of exams, having an easy time.
-At home from 1st to 21st.
-thanks to inflation  , i am taking a train, long journey.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Hanged to the Top

'Hail, Hail, Hail '
Echoed the golden waters
dotted with icebergs of stone
shuttling streaks of light

the procession moved up the hill
as men marched in merry
and women sang in praise
He rose with carriage

One on each side, four in all
took him on their shoulders
the bugles were blown
and the drums were sounded

As he raised his hand,
It brought smiles with peace
and all the heads bowed 
and the floated in joy

And then Darkness grew
like a monster under the waters
it crawled like a sand slide
it raced up the hill

Fear followed gloom
and chaos sprouted in the crowd
He stood up and raised his hand
the crowd looked up with hope

Like a cloud of insects
the darkness crawled upto his feet
to everyone's awe
his one half turned to a shadow

He stalled the darkness
as it couldn't take him all
He looked straight into it
holding light in his pupil

'It came for him, but its taking us'
shouted someone from the crowd
Prick came the words, like an icicle
and he blinked

The dark power took over
and razed the golden deserts
to the eye's horizon
It screeched through with a shrill

'Give him away , we shall be saved'
the crowd cried aloud
He raised his hand,
but all in vain

the crowd climbed up the carriage
tied his hands to the back
and someone asked
'what do we do now'

A reply came
'take him to where he was,
that is where he shall be consumed,
so, hang him by the top'

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

At It Dude

-To the right, no , not that right, oh fuck,no, dont turn like that, 4 o clock, yeah , that one.
--oh,that one? bitch
-You know what is a freudian slip?
--Yes, But i don't know exactly.
-Every thing, i say, every thing is screwed up at this place.Tell me one thing that is right here, Tell me?
--Yeah, there is one - you- since you find a fault with everything else, the assumption should be that you are perfect.
-Reading, Studying, Learning, why does one have to create so many words?
--Good Question!! What do they mean ?
-Look Closely, what do you see, in the green lawns encircled with green tops.
--Oh, Shit, i am late for the class, i need to go. By the way, i see a dog shitting in the lawn.
-How many times will you blink in the next 5 minutes?
--zero, i am going to sleep.
-How dark is the night?
--Close your eyes and see.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Still Rain

Still Rain
Sleepy Eyes
Funnels of Light
Stranded Thoughts
Coloured Emotions
Droplets in Vain
Oval Mirrors
Intervals of Darkness
Loose Ends
Puppet Muscles

Yes for a No
Cold in veins
Blood Rush
A Truth Unsaid
Lie Uncontested


Tap on the Ground
Spread Wide
Rise as a feather
And Take off

Yet Another Night
I swap with Sun
It gets to Job
I am off the Shift

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Ridiculously Wonderful

I wanted to call this post "The Other Dark Knight" and put a photo with myself hanging upside down. Thats what my world looks like these days atleast in terms of time. I am in a fulfilling what my parents always wanted, to be awake by 6 Am. Unfortunately , i go to sleep at 8 or so and wake up at 2 , and there goes the day as i finish my lunch and check my mails and surf through the regular sites. As the day slips into a cozy evening, it feels like i woke up to sleep . And suddenly , like a true nocturne, i rejunevate myself by dinner time and thats when my actual day starts. So given that i am in a B-School, i need to do something , so i do that in this time, its funny how i look through my window at the campus lawn growing out of darkness, when i see students going to class, i pull the curtains, switch of the lights (if any) and push myself under the blanket.Yeah, i know, i attend the classes in day time, but every opportunity to sleep is utilised.

Few proceedings in the last one week,I didnt sleep the saturday night, (because i slept the whole of saturday), I went on this Bike Ride along 25 other friends to a nearby dam. Except that i miss my Pulsar, the trip was awesome , i just want to take a trip to that place all by myself and take time off (which i otherwise keep doing in my room). Best part of the trip i guess was when i got my hands on to a good cam and clicked some really good pictures. Driving in rain was one other experience.
So , as you can expect, i slept off through the day. Similar was the case with Tuesday and Wednesday. Wednesday night being Freshers night, i was there through out the night holding my camera. I sometimes regret me asking my father to buy a Video Camera. I call it a joint idiosyncracy of me and my father that we spend so much on White Goods. He didnt hesitate to buy me a Sony HDD Handycam. Why did i buy it, i thought i will be the next spielberg who used to shoot on 8mm camera that his dad brought him, i didn't realise that one shud be less lazy to become so. So laziness is punished with more useless work. I end up recording every minute of event on campus. I should atleast get to some useful and artistic Photography and Cinematography, otherwise, i will end up covering marriages and thats all i will do.Good part is, after some hours of shooting videos, i am now learning how to focus on objects. Hope the learning curve gets steeper. [More on Juniors Night later].
 So, after the juniors night, thats at 8:30 in the morning, i sleep and wake up at 5:30 in the evening. I had this Marketing Research Proposal to complete [These days, i presume myself to be good at this subject]. But, my brain refuses to start itself, it was still in its sleep hangover, so i sleep from 8-9:30 and finally get serious at the project at 12:30 in the night after a couple of meetings. So i work non-stop till 10 in the morning and submit right in time. I present in 12 Noon Class. Come back and sleep at 3 Pm. For some random reason, i woke up at 6 Pm, which counts to just 3 hrs sleep in the last 21 hrs. I had this exam next day at 8:30 in the morning, i dont start it, instead i screen two foriegn movies for which 10 discerning viewers turn up(I liked it that way actually) and i ended up watching 1.5 movies. By 3 in the night, i am yet to start studying the syllabus, i start and end right before the exam . Go to sleep at 11:30, wake up at 8:30 Pm. Finally i get to my senses by 11 Pm , i have a 3 and half hours meeting from 12 to 3:30. Should have slept off to throw myself out of the cycle. But, i sit to watch a movie from 5-630 and then go to regent for Breakfast, and i am here at 9 30 writing this blog before going to sleep.
Heard this line "Ridiculously Wonderful" from the movie Little Manhattan. It reminded me of these little pleasures we have when we go through some pain, especially when we do it for people we like. The other way of looking at it is my daily life cycle itself. There is nothing so wrong abt the whole thing, its just a little eccentric and it is good in some ways. And the final perspective struck me when i was working on the Juniors Nite, at some point , i messaged someone "There isnt enough Puke in this world, to beat some incidents i was witnessing" , but on the other side, there turns out to be a counterpart from the same set of people that one should appreciate.  After that event , the first thing i did was come back to my room and opened IMDB and read these lines from American Beauty, I had to watch the same on you tube as well. I believe , that is how i am surviving everyday.
Ridiculously Wonderful Lines
"I guess I could be pretty pissed off about what happened to me... but it's hard to stay mad, when there's so much beauty in the world. Sometimes I feel like I'm seeing it all at once, and it's too much, my heart fills up like a balloon that's about to burst... And then I remember to relax, and stop trying to hold on to it, and then it flows through me like rain and I can't feel anything but gratitude for every single moment of my stupid little life."

Off to sleep.