Saturday, June 21, 2008

To Teach

Teaching is not as easy as it seems. It is not so simple as well. I remember gifting a diary to one of my lecturers in 12th class. He refused to take it saying " I do not Qualify as a Good Teacher, I still feel that pinch when a student gives a better answer than me ". To confess such a thing would be impossible for a lot of us. He deserved more than the diary, may be he deserved the right of rejection. Thats all we could give him.

There are some simple parameters that i look at in a teacher. Infact , cant figure out more than one for now. When someone is teaching, He/She takes you through a journey of reason, He works on your mind like someone who holds a kids hand and make him connect the dots. Slowly , showing way, one after the other, as the picture keeps materialising, you will be in that mystery zone thinking "Something is happening, where are we going?".

And you finish it, and a Big Picture is presented in front of you, the Teacher gives you a smile. The Smile which stands for the pristine joy of discovering the far end of reason and more importantly, acknowledging that you have reached the destination that you have reached a several times, but you have new companions with you. You would see the best smile from the teacher who enjoys this feeling the most. Thats the only thing that can keep a teacher keep teaching the same thing Section after Section, Year after Year. The best of the teachers I have met, invariably carried this expression with them. They enjoyed rediscovering the same thing with a new student.

I wish to be one someday.

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