Thursday, May 24, 2007


Taking the wings of fire did I fly
And looked down upon the sky
They saw my fame
But I was the same

Woozing blood from every wound
Did I hit the ground
They saw my shame
But I was the same

P.S : This is my first translation ever, i wonder how i dared to do it on a writing from sri sri. I know its softer than what sri sri meant. i hope i come out with better things soon

Monday, May 07, 2007

The Devil's Workshop

I passed a ticket through the hole
and saw the lips of a dark soul
that said " welcome to devil's workshop
idle brain's last stop"

my heart pushed my legs back
my head felt as if it hit a sack
"Welcome" the voice held me still
i turned around and saw the devil

"For the next hour, i would be your guide
dont let any of your questions hide
for we know what they are
and we believe here , everybody is at par"

it was the devil himself
with horns of ram and ears of elf
he had a long red tail
so strong, that it could be a flail

he led me into a long hall
where every devil had a crystal ball
they leaned over them and chanted spells
i could see humans trapped in those shells

"before you could ask" said the devil
"I shall answer that those are people idle
those who rest their brain
and let time fly in vain"

"we work on them and make them work
and turn them as clumsy as an orc
and lead them into more sin
then the master from hell says 'you are in'"

into some of the balls did i peep
some i saw were in love deep
some i heard, talked no sense
and some had thier own ways of indulgence

then i wondered , before the devil could know
i asked, is there a ball for me, that you could show
the devil smirked and said "you are all at your will
in your ball, talking to the devil"