Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sum of parts

Its not the first time i recollect this discussion with my friend, that can we actually behave the way we want to behave given the so called societal influences. It was very interesting how me and my friend behaved differently at different phases, say college, school, intermediate, work life. Though till 12 th  or even engineering , i was mostly (say 90%) driven by(or controlled and puppeted) by my surroundings, but the % of influence of external factors decreased over time. Everytime I change a place, i started to behave differently. All these , when i look back are different parts (like pieces of a pie chart :P ). 

Well, interesting thing is, i have started to change whenever there is a break also.. so.. itseems, the parts have become as small as a trimester. :) 

RGV is updating his blog like crazy and he is writing some really good stuff about his venture into movies. I guess he has planned to write his auto biography. 

Thats it for now :|

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Where was/am I?

First, the exams are over, but not the term as there are some benefits of procrastination. I have been reading some of my classmates claiming that 4th term has supposedly been the most hard working term for them. That kinda injected a moment of guilt into me. How did i feel the exact opposite, was it because of my Electives - but i chose them because i was interested in them(Leave MACR out of it). Something got into me. Should work it out before it gets worse in the 5th and the 6th terms.

I am back home for 3 long weeks. Good that i registered for the internship, i get to spend some time at hyderabad, but i should have as well planned for some trip along with college junta. Laziness has its side-effects in such activities too. Met all the relatives for the year, yet to meet a few friends. That reminds me of the wedding bells ringing in my class of engineering. Nice to see classmates marrying each other, not something you would expect to happen when you step into JNTU. Someone asked me , when are you getting married, I suddenly frowned at it and then joked 'Dont i look too young for marriage'.

Movies : Well, finally managed to cover more of them. Wall-e, Rock-on, Wednesday, Dark Knight (IMAX) :DD , Ashta-Chamma(Telugu). Regular visits to Mutiplexes let me finish all of it in one week.Dark Knight stays on to be the best, especially in IMAX format, you are left gaping at the screen. And couldnt ask for a betetr seat than the centre seat in the top-most row :P .

The third week of the vacation had been like the last stage of the product life cycle. I had been sleeping inhumanly for 12 hrs a day. Only thing thats interesting but sad is the news. It puts the MBA's on the history map for passing out at one of the worst times. Its ironical and shocking to see your dream company sinking like a Titanic and within minutes , you come to know that its in-existent. The whole equation is going to change for sure. Well, all i could say now is the same as i said above, It is going to be interesting and sad.

U the Marketing People : This was the way, one of my profs used to address us. I have grown obsessive of finding the company behind every brand. The other day i realised that, i was checking the marketer of a floor cleaner brand while i was in the bathroom. Its funny how you try to apply Segmenting, Targeting and Positioning Funda into everything. Movies for example play a lot by this funda. That is one of the reason, Movies like Rock on are such a hit, they are targeted at the superset of population (People who think they are losers in life).
Funny thing was, while i was watching this movie, there was an Ad for R.S.Brothers(Local Saree Showroom), there was no way that the target audience for that showroom would turn up for that movie. But they played 90 second long painful ad. Not that they would have done media planning and STP, but it kinda tells us about the distance between planning and implementation.

So much for now. hope to write longer articles on my assignments before i write the next post.